THORNBURY could be set to benefit from a brand new water park.

Councillors in the town came out in force to consult the public on the future of the paddling pool at Mundy Playing Fields.

They took to the streets last Thursday and Saturday to inform the public of two possible options for the site and it appears a new facility is the one favoured by residents.

The council wanted to hear the opinions of residents and young people in the town on whether they should refurbish the existing paddling pool or install a brand new water park.

The new water park would have a concrete base with a non-slip rubber floor. The water would be pumped from a mains and run-off water stored in a tank and used to water plants. It could be switched on and off by the council and would involve no chemicals. It would also be better able to cater for children with disabilities.

The park would include a water tunnel, a raining horseshoe, water hopscotch and a mini fountain and is believed to cost in the region of £100,000. The cost of renovating the existing pool is thought to be between £60,000-£70,000 although exact figures will be confirmed when a contractor has been appointed.

Funding for the future project has already been secured as Thornbury Town Council has made provisions within next year’s budget for the development.

Councillors took it in turns to man the consultation stand, which was located outside the old Fruit and Veg shop in St Mary Centre from 10.30am to 4.30pm both days.

They stopped passers-by and encouraged them to ask questions about how the water park system would operate, the cost and maintenance.

The majority seemed to support the development of a new water park.

Janet Trott, 66, from Pittville Close, Thornbury, said: “My four children used to go to the paddling pool years ago and they used to love it. Nowadays children want more than just splashing about. They want modern facilities. I’ve been looking at the drawings of the proposed water park and how it works and it’s very impressive.”

Kerry Annett, 44, from Thicket Walk in Thornbury, has 12-year-old twin girls.

“Even before I saw the designs I thought a water park would be good. It’s different and a change for the community. When my girls were smaller I used to take them to the old pool and they really enjoyed it but I think the water park is a better option.”

Helen Greville, 42, from Filton, said a water park would attract more people to the town.

“People will definitely be talking about it and will want to see it. Even if they just come once to look at it, it would mean more people coming into town because there is no other one in the area. There is no competition.”

The consultation closed on February 18. Over 300 people are estimated to have filled out questionnaires stating which model they would like to see in the town. These are currently being reviewed by Thornbury Town council and a formal decision is expected to be revealed at a meeting of the playing fields and cemetery committee this evening.