CAM Women’s Institute is calling on other WI groups and individuals to lend a hand by donating as much bedding and food as they can for victims of the Somerset floods.

President of Cam WI Rose Stower and fellow members decided to take action after seeing the plight of those whose homes had been completely flooded and all their possessions ruined.

Mrs Stower said families were “absolutely desperate” for bedding, including duvets and sheets.

“We thought we should do something for these poor people in Somerset,” she said.

“It’s a case of helping your fellow man. We should be trying to help them when they are in such dire need.”

As well as bedding, towels, clothes, dry and tinned food as well as toys for the children are being asked for.

Once they have filled their van, donated along with petrol by WI member Gwen Tegg and her husband John, the group will make a second run to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Yeovil.

To donate any spare items or food, or to make a monetary donation, call Mrs Stower on 01453 543890.