TWO University of Gloucestershire students, Chris Townsend and Jeremy Hodges, will be hosting a 65-hour Radiothon for HOPE Support Services in association with two University societies, Tone Radio and RAG.

This marathon live broadcast begins on Monday, March 31 2014 at the Tone Radio studio at the University of Gloucestershire’s Park Campus.

HOPE is a charity that offers support to young people aged 11-25 when a close family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Their support is available right from the moment of diagnosis and for however long they are needed, whatever the outcome of the patient.

HOPE is expanding to Gloucestershire and everything that is raised in Gloucestershire stays within the area.

The Radiothon will be broadcast live in every bar and refectory around the University of Gloucestershire campuses, alongside outside broadcasting for various events and challenges.

The event will begin with ICT students Chris and Jez in the Tone Radio studio introducing the rules, the schedule and raising awareness of HOPE.

There will be events around the campuses organised by RAG (Raise and Give Society) and Tone Radio.

Chris and Jez will be presenting constantly for a total of 65 hours.

They will only be allowed a 15 minute break every eight hours, with songs only a maximum of three minutes and guests can only talk for a minute.

To donate, text TONE65 + donation amount to 70070 or visit