A CHIPPING Sodbury mum is recovering well after a nine-hour operation to remove a tumour on her brain.

Claire Little, known as Barny, underwent an awake craniotomy at Frenchay Hospital on Friday (February 28) in the hope of removing all or most of the malignant tumour.

The 41-year-old mental health nurse, who is a single mum to five-year-old Rosalia, was conscious throughout the intensive operation so as to reduce the risk of brain damage. The operation was successful and surgeons believe they have removed a significant amount of the orange-sized tumour.

Her sister Sophie Axford, who was at the hospital during the procedure, said Barny had shown great strength.

“We were told it would be about six hours long but the tumour was deeper than they had first thought,” she said. “She got to six hours and said she couldn’t go on but she did, she was incredible.

“There is no way I could have done it.”

She said Barny had been quite confused post-surgery and was having trouble remembering words.

“She recognises everyone, it is just her understanding of words she is getting a bit muddled with,” said Sophie.

“She can’t get her words out very well and doesn’t know 2014 is or when her daughter’s birthday is at the moment.

“Luckily we are close so I understand what it is she wants most of the time but it is very early days and we are hoping that is just short-lived. It was a big thing to go through and otherwise she is doing okay.”

Barny, who was diagnosed with the tumour after collapsing at home on New Year’s Day, will have an MRI scan this week to determine how much of the tumour was removed. She will then embark on a course of chemotherapy.

Family, friends and members of the community are raising money to help pay Barny’s mortgage while she is unable to work as she had not been in her job long enough to qualify for sick pay.

A race night is being held at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall on Saturday, April 12 (7.30pm) and a ladies’ only screening of Grease takes place at the Armadillo youth cafe in Yate on Saturday, April 26 (3.30pm). For details search Barnes Fund on Facebook.

To contribute contact Sophie Axford on 07854 427394.