FITNESS fanatics in Thornbury can now exercise outdoors after adult exercise equipment was installed in a popular area of the town.

Four new state-of-the-art machines – which cost in the region of £7,500 – were stationed at Mundy Playing Fields this week.

The idea for the equipment was the brainchild of Wendy Reynolds, 71, from Manor Walk, Thornbury.

It was due to be installed in early February but had to be postponed because of the recent barrage of bad weather.

Mrs Reynolds was inspired after watching the London Olympics in 2012 to approach Thornbury Town Council with the idea.

She said: “There is a lot for the younger children at Mundy Playing Fields, especially now with the new water park that will be up and running for the summer. There is a lot of space here and I felt it was time there was something for adults to use while watching their children but it was also to commemorate the Olympics. That was my main reason.”

Chairman of Thornbury playing fields and cemetery committee Councillor Clive Parkinson said the equipment allows people to train and up physical activity levels while enjoying the outdoors.

“The machines allow people to stretch, pull and tone in the fresh air and most importantly they can do all that for free. I am delighted we have been able to fund the development. It is a great asset to the community and will give adults an opportunity to exercise when their children are playing here.

The new machines include the handle boat which helps develop arm, leg and abdomen muscles. It also helps increase cardio levels and tones body fat. The power boat develops upper body strength and cardio. The health walker develops leg muscles and improves coordination and the pull down challenge improves flexibility and agility of joints.

Mrs Reynolds said she visited Mundy Playing Fields on Saturday and said the machines had been popular with locals since being fitted on Thursday, February 27.

“I was watching people use them for about 15 minutes at a time. When I was down here everyone was interested in trying the equipment out for the first time. I spoke to a group of teenagers who had not seen the machines before and they said they were brilliant.

“I am delighted that the council have been able to get them. The four they have chosen are very good. They are in an extremely good location and very well positioned. I was delighted when I saw it.”