A BABY boy from Yate died at a Bristol hospital from multiple complications of being born nearly four months early, an inquest has ruled.

Zayn Gabriel Mohammed was delivered at 25 weeks weighing just 830 grams by an emergency Caesarean section at St Michael’s Hospital on July 7 2012, Avon Coroners’ Court heard last Friday (March 7).

Despite several operations he died aged three months on October 15.

His family, of Longs Drive, were not in court at Flax Bourton but asked coroner Maria Voisin to determine whether a deep cut on the boy’s nose could have become infected and contributed to his death or whether the steroids he was given or pseudomonas, a bacterial infection which has been previously linked with baby deaths, led to his death.

But consultant pathologist Dr Craig Platt told the inquest Zayn had died from chronic lung disease, a perforated bowel and suspected sepsis which were all complications of him being born so early.

“There were a large number of different problems that this baby had most of which can be summarised as complications of prematurity,” Dr Platt said.

The cut to Zayn’s nose was put down to the oxygen mask he had worn to help him breathe.

Zayn made some progress feeding and breathing but on October 14 he became unwell and an X-ray showed a significant perforation in his bowel.

Doctors operated the following morning but he needed resuscitation and was very unstable in recovery, consultant paediatrician at St Michael’s, Dr Eric Cusick, said in a statement. Shortly afterwards, Zayn was extubated into his parents’ arms where he died.

Said Dr Cusick: “It appears to me he received appropriate management throughout and I cannot see how his death could have been avoided.”

Ms Voisin recorded a narrative verdict and said Zayn had died from complications of prematurity.