FIREFIGHTERS have been kept busy rescuing animals in Dursley and Cam.

Crews were called to St George’s Close in Cam at 12.08pm on Friday, March 7 to help a horse stuck on a barbed wire fence.

An appliance from Dursley Community Fire Station attended with a crew of six.

They released the uninjured horse from the fence within twenty minutes.  A local vet who attended at the request of the fire service checked the horse over before the crews left the scene to attend another incident nearby.

Earlier in the week firefighters were called to rescue a deer trapped in a fence in Dursley.

The animal had got its head stuck in fencing along Kingshill Road.

Police alerted the fire service on Tuesday, March 4 at 9.49am. Although a vet on the scene had sedated the deer, assistance was needed to free the animal.

A fire crew from Dursley fire station attended along with special rescue crews from Gloucester North station. The animal was released within 10 minutes of the Dursley crew’s arrival and the special rescue team was not required.

The deer was left in the care of the vet.