MOSAICS took centre stage once more in Berkeley at a weekend art exhibition.

Mosaic Medley was held at the TomatoJack Arts Studio on Saturday, March 8 and Sunday, March 9.

It showcased art made by people who had attended workshops at the gallery.

The arts studio, which opened in Berkeley in 2012, is run by friends and artists Angela Williams and Lynda Knott.

Ms Williams, who is also a teaching assistant at Berkeley Primary School, said the exhibition had been a roaring success.

She said: “Visitor numbers to the gallery were in the hundreds and the unanimous opinion of everyone who came was that the work shown was outstanding.”

Most of the people exhibiting were new to mosaic and used everything from buttons, crockery, CDs, rocks and beads in their work, as well as traditional glass and ceramic tiles.

Writing on the studio’s Facebook page, Tracey Wade paid tribute to local talent, saying: “Wow, what talent we have in Berkeley! Loved seeing all the amazing mosaics. Such an inspiration.”

Ms Williams added: “At TomatoJack, we are looking forward to welcoming more visitors to the gallery at our next big event in May as a group venue for the Severn Vale Art Trail, when five artists will be on show in the gallery.”

For more information on arts on offer, contact the studio on 07833 496799 or