A RESTAURANT in Dursley has expanded its business by moving the eatery to the centre of town and launched a coffee and crafts shop in the old premises.

Hummingbird Cafe, Bar and Restaurant has a new larger home on Parsonage Street after taking the opportunity to rent out the vacant spot thanks to extra investment.

The bigger building will allow the restaurant to double the number of seats available for customers to 30 and has also embarked on a new venture in its previous home on Silver Street.

The Hummingbird Craft and Coffee shop, as well as selling coffee, tea, cakes and biscuits, will be retailing local handmade goods including scented candles, artwork and jewellery.

While the cafe is being renovated, the newly-located restaurant has proven to be an instant hit, with owner Suzi Abraham telling the Gazette the staff have been rushed off their feet.

“Because it is now up here we have been so busy all week. It’s been unbelievable,” she said.

“It’s been brilliant, absolutely brilliant. It’s been so well received, it was more than we could have hoped for.”

The opportunity to expand came after the Hummingbird’s neighbour on Silver Street, Michell Perry-Smith, offered to come in as a business partner with Mrs Abraham.

The company is looking to expand its workforce to eight to cope with the increasing demand, and is also on the lookout for a new chef.

The restaurant specialises in Caribbean food but holds specialist evenings serving dishes including best of British, Thai and even Polish and is looking to extend the catering side of the business.