TRADERS will now find it easier than ever before to do business with Stroud District Council.

The local authority has joined a web-based portal which allows companies to view all opportunities to supply the council with goods, works or services.

Supplying the South West Procurement Portal also has the same information for 30 other councils in the South West.

Companies only need to register once and they can choose which councils they are interested in supplying.

Automatic alerts will let them know when opportunities are being advertised.

Unlike some similar sites, registration is completely free. Companies can update their details and interest as needed.

Cllr Geoff Wheeler, Stroud District Council’s leader, said it was a huge opportunity for local businesses.

“We alone spend £5 million a year on contracts under £50,000,” he said.

“The Portal makes it easy to find out what contracts we have – and they only have to register once.

“Companies no longer need to send us unsolicited mail or produce expensive sales literature. It also makes the process very equal and open.”

Supplying the South West Procurement Portal can be found at