A RANGE of projects that will benefit Dursley have the go ahead as Dursley Town Council (DTC) agrees it budget for the coming financial year.

With an increase of £3.94 a year in their section of the council tax bill, DTC is set to have a budget of £557,669 to spend, of which £232,040 will be met from council tax.

A number of projects are planned for 2014 including new play equipment at the War Memorial Recreation Ground and environmental improvements at the Broadwell area.

The council intends to purchase new land for allotments and is also planning to take over responsibility for both Highfields Play Area and Union Street green.

Dursley Town Council clerk Helen Bojaniwska said negotiations for the construction of the new youth centre were at an advanced stage, with work expected to start in the next few weeks.

“The council is also working on a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Dursley, which will focus on shaping new development in the town, where it should go and what it should look like,” she said.

The total going towards town improvements and amenities amounts to £48,200 while youth services is being given a budget of £70,000.

Community groups are being awarded grants of £22,000 in total while green spaces maintenance and green space projects has a total budget of £292,804.

The cost of the council’s administration, including insurance, staffing and overheads amounts to £101,740.

As well as council tax, the local authority will pay for this expenditure through use of £241,337 from its reserves and from grants and developer contributions totalling £65,542 as well as other income.