PLANS by the Littlecombe developer to build and occupy 130 houses before the spine road is built through the Dursley site have been accepted despite concerns about increased traffic.

St Modwen applied to Stroud District Council (SDC) to increase the number of homes they could build and occupy from 101 to 130 before they are legally obliged to build the highway through the mixed-use site.

Critics have accused the company of maximising profits at the expense of the area but SDC passed through the proposal unanimously on Thursday, March 13.

The application received 14 respondents objecting to the proposal, two in support and five purely commenting on the plan.

Nearby resident Stephen Parker, who lives at The Knapp, said more houses without the agreed infrastructure being available was not acceptable.

“More houses must mean more traffic and fancy reports cannot alter that fact,” he said.

“The work was planned and agreed so now work the plan.”

Paul Critchley from Church Road in upper Cam said he was surprised to even see the proposal.

“The road structure cannot handle the increased level of traffic and when the developers started this project many promises were made and have been broken over the years with the support of SDC.

“I am strongly against any increase in housing prior to the spine road completion.”

Another Church Road resident, John Grove said the application was in direct violation of the terms laid down by the Planning Inspector and of the conditions for the original approval.

“This is a devious attempt to circumnavigate the conditions for the construction of the spine road,” he said.

“The intention of this application is to introduce a spurious ploy by which the developers can ignore the original conditions.”

However Paul Day from Mill Motors on the Littlecombe Business Park was pleased the approval was given, believing there was another cause for the delay.

“I support this proposal, hopefully Lister Petter are relocating after years of delaying tactics,” he said.

“Hence factory demolished and spine road built. The delay seems to have been caused by Lister Petter not the developer.”

South West regional director for St Modwen, Rupert Joseland, said he was pleased SDC allowed the variation to the planning permission in order for them to complete the first phase of the construction.

“In addition to housing and public realm provision, we have recently improved pedestrian and cycle crossing safety at the Kings Hill Lane junction,” he said.

Leader of SDC, Cllr Geoff Wheeler, said it was pleasing to see the “minor” variation approved

“The economic downturn had significantly slowed down progress at Littlecombe so it is good to see work pick up pace,” he said.

“Now that the rainy weather has passed, I’d encourage local people to take a walk to the area to see how this well thought out development is progressing.”

A new website showcasing the regeneration project is available at

SDC’s strategy and resources committee will receive a presentation on progress at Littlecombe at its meeting on Thursday, March 27.