A TALENTED Olveston painter has transformed his house gates into a life-size tribute to the late Labour politician Tony Benn.

Angus Macaskill, of Churchill House, has been delighting passersby with ever-changing murals outside his house over the last two years.

He’s previously taken on upbeat topical themes from the Olympics through to royal news like the Diamond Jubilee and the Royal Wedding.

Last summer saw everything from a warm and peaceful beach landscape, a Gromit and a seasonal Harvest scene.

After the death of former Bristol MP Tony Benn last Friday, Mr Macaskill commenced work on a large tribute mural.

He told the Gazette he had always admired the politician.

“I wasn't really expecting to do any more on the gates until the summer,” he said. “But because I've always had great respect for Tony Benn, I decided to do a life-size, three-quarter length tribute to him.

"He seemed to operate with such a high level of integrity and was also a very engaging speaker.

"His point of view was typically challenging and always relevant to the issues of the day; my own thinking was regularly influenced and occasionally swayed by what he said and I must be one of millions who enjoyed listening to his diaries."

Former cabinet minister and veteran left-wing campaigner Mr Benn died at his London home last Friday.

The 88-year-old became an MP in November 1950 and served in the cabinet under Harold Wilson and James Callaghan.

He represented the former constituency of Bristol South East for a total of 30 years.

Bristol South Labour MP Dawn Primarolo said he had inspired a generation of young Labour activists.

"Tony will be remembered in Bristol as the Labour MP for Bristol South East for 30 years, a great campaigner for peace and a powerful advocate for equality,” she said. "Politics in Britain has lost a great man."