IF YOU have ever thought you would like to make important changes within your community, you may well suit being a parish councillor.

That is the message from Cam Parish Council chairman, Brian Whatling, who is looking to add some new blood to the chamber.

The former development engineer moved to the village in 1977 and has worked at RA Lister as well as on the BAC Concord project.

While only joining the council six years ago, he has excelled in the role and was appointed the council’s leader in November and heads several of the council’s committees, including planning and finance.

The Woodfield resident said he enjoys the task immensely.

“It’s a lot of fun and at times it can be very entertaining. There’s quite a lot of work involved,” he said.

“You get out of it what you put into it. Responsibilities can range depending on how much you want to take on, with the minimum requirement is that you turn up once a month for the full council meeting.”

While Cam maybe only classed as a village, it dwarves its neighbour Durlsey with 8,000 residents now living there and the council oversees a budget of around £300,000 a year.

The local authority has recently been boosted by the construction of the council’s new office, which has given the village a centre and a hub for information, boosting the council’s usefulness to people.

The council is the first point of contact for residents with questions and looks after the area's green spaces, benches and other infrastructure.

It also co-ordinates issues with other councils and bodies such as the police about potholes, planning applications and incidences of crime.

“People bring in all their troubles and woes and it’s up to the council to relieve those worries. These issues might seem insignificant but somebody out there will be worried about it and it all comes here,” Cllr Whatling.

“You just need the commitment and if you have something that you feel you can offer than bring it along.

“The bottom line is that all Cam parish councillors are dedicated to the welfare of the people of Cam.”

The council is currently overseeing the administration of the local plan, the future blueprint of development in the area.

It is of key importance for Cam, which will see hundreds of homes built in the next few years, and councillors will play a key role in how it is developed in the village.

There is currently one vacancy on the council and if you are interested, Cam Parish Council clerk Sue Hanman can be contacted on 01453 548884 or via clark@camparishcouncil.co.uk