POLICE have warned householders to be wary of doorstep callers offering to carry out work on their homes or gardens after an attempted deception in Little Stoke.

Three men unsuccessfully tried to deceive an elderly couple into handing over money for unnecessary building work on Friday, March 28, in Brookcote Drive.

Posing as builders, they told the residents there was a hole in their roof which they would fix for free.

The men were allowed into the loft and when the occupants investigated the sound of banging, were shown a hole in the roof. They were told there was a lot of water damage and that wooden beams needed to be replaced at a cost of £10,000.

The incident was reported to the police before any money was handed over. An investigation has now started into the incident and an appeal made to help identify the three callers.

Officers urged families to get quotes from reputable traders and recommendations from family and friends if considering work to their property.