FOUR piglets at Old Down Country Park are getting used to their new names after receiving them from youngsters who suggested them as part of a competition.

Lola, Bluebell, Rosie and Poppy are Kune Kune pigs who arrived at the 66-acre estate in Tockington, near Thornbury, to join the Animal Encounters section.

The space has been set aside to allow children to get close to the animals during visits to the park.

As the latest additions to the area, staff decided to organise a contest to find the best names for the sister piglets and invited visitors to come up with suggestions.

The children who chose the winning names were Daniel Stokes, Sienna Chapman, Indiana Edwards and Freya Hall, who each won a family day pass to the park as their prize. They were also presented with a framed picture of their newly named piglet.

Park superviser Anya Hallet said: "The piglets love all the attention they’ve been getting.”

With the school holidays starting, the park is expected to be busy during the next few weeks, with families taking time out to see the piglets and all the other animals.

They include recently born lambs, as well as chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs.