A MOTHER has spoken of the terrifying ordeal she and her three-month-old daughter went through when a breeze block was thrown through her bedroom window and killed her cat - metres away from where they were sleeping.

Hannah Woods, 23, was in bed with daughter Talia on Saturday when the large heavy brick came smashing through her first floor window at around 3am and landed half a metre away from the child’s cot.

While the pair luckily avoided any injury, her one-year-old cat Henry was killed when the masonry brick landed and crushed the pet’s back legs at her flat on Heath Court in Dursley.

Ms Woods was awoken by the animal’s screams as it had a fit after the shock of the incident and died soon after.

She said that as she called the police while holding her screaming baby, two more windows were smashed on the ground floor.

“At this point I was hysterical,” she said.

“It felt like it took the police forever to get here but later on I realised it was only actually about five minutes.”

Police arrived on the scene with a sniffer dog to help track the offenders.

She told the Gazette that the bed and cot had been covered in glass from the incident and admitted they had both had a lucky escape, as Talia had been sharing her bed because she was teething.

“It’s just absolutely ridiculous, it’s absolutely disgusting," she said.

“They do not think about it, they have no morals.”

Her father Rhys Woods, a garage mechanic also from Dursley, said his daughter was not holding up well after the ordeal and did not want to return to the flat and instead was currently living with family.

“It has been quite a traumatic time for her, it is very upsetting for all of us,” he said.

“Obviously I am very angry. It could have so easily been Hannah or Talia that was hit. It could have caused serious injuries or worse.

“People need to realise what will happen from their actions. Glass was all over the place, all over the baby’s cot.”

* A 23-year-old man from Forest Green was arrested soon after the incident took place on suspicion of criminal damage and has been bailed until Wednesday, April 30 pending further enquiries.