A MAN suffered a serious eye injury and was left with clearly visible male and female shoe prints on his head after a late night street attack in Dursley, a court heard.

In the dock at Gloucester Crown Court, Patrick Cook, 21, of Sevier St, St Werburghs, Bristol, admitted assaulting Gary Johnson, causing actual bodily harm on October 20 last year in Long Street.

Prosecutor Janine Wood said it was about 3.30am when police were called to fighting in Long Street and found Mr Johnson with head injuries.

He was bleeding and he vomited as police attended to him.

"He had been kicked in the head by the defendant," she said. "That had been witnessed by others.

"He had a heel mark from a shoe on his forehead, cuts to the top of his head and he was sore at the back of the head. He also had marks on his left and right shoulders.

"He also had the heel mark of a female shoe on his forehead.

"His left eye was swollen. Fluid had built up behind the eye. It has now fortunately rectified itself but at the time he had to go to the eye clinic at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

"He has not made a victim impact statement but he did say at the time 'I feel completely stunned by the whole incident. I am unable to work at the moment due to my injury.' That statement was made on 25th Oct."

Judge Jamie Tabor QC said he was not prepared to sentence Cook until he knew more about the extent of the injuries, particularly to the eye, and how Mr Johnson was now.

He adjourned the case, granting Cook bail, to await a statement from Mr Johnson on his current condition and how he has been affected over the last six months.

"I want to know how long he was off work, how he suffered, and whether there has been any psychological damage," he said.

Before adjourning the judge viewed CCTV film of the attack and commented: "You can see a lady pummelling someone on the ground. There is some fighting going on."

Cook's defence said he recognised how serious the incident was and he was realistic about the likely consequences for him.