A PRIMARY school has been enjoying an insight into the food industry with a tour of a nearby supermarket in its bid to grow its own food.

Pupils of all ages at Dursley Primary Academy took part in the trip to Tesco in Cam to learn about their farm to fork project.

The academy is attempting to earn a bronze award from Eco-Schools, with one of the requirements being improving the use of land for environmental use at the school.

With this in mind, the academy is looking to plant and grow its own fruit and vegetables before selling them, with the profits expected to go back into the school’s next environmental project.

Eco-Schools is an international award programme guiding schools on sustainability, attempting to bring those principles into the heart of school life.

As well as a tour of the building, the children watched a DVD of where the food originated from including how it was dug up, washed and packaged before being shipped to various supermarkets.

The budding entrepreneurs were also given packets of seeds to kick start their own business.

It will prove a useful insight into the industry when the pupils attempt to grow, package and sell their own goods.

Tesco will come for a visit at the end of the year to see how the children have done and how much they have grown.

Environment team co-ordinator and teacher Anita Dobbs said it was an excellent day out for everybody and they wanted to go again soon.

“They came away with some fantastic goody bags as well as activity sheets to show the other children in class what they learnt,” she said.

“The children will often just not know where there food comes from. They found out lots f information about where it comes from and how it is used.

“They are definitely looking forward to the project.”