MUSIC hubs in South Gloucestershire have been awarded a share of £30,000 to spend on a singing project.

The money for the scheme has come from the Youth Music Foundation and is aimed at helping improve the literacy skills of children who have English as an second language.

The money will be split between South Gloucestershire Council and Bath and North East Somerset Council to provide singing teachers who will work with more than 500 children across 12 schools.

The project will culminate in the children performing some of the songs they have learnt at an event next summer.

As part of the performance, they will premiere five new songs by composer Lin Marsh, who specialises in writing vocal works for young people.

Richard Jones, the music and arts strategy manager for South Gloucestershire Council, said: “This is an innovative project for both councils and by bringing our joint expertise together, we will ensure that a large number of children will benefit from improved literacy through singing.

"Singing has long been used as a way to help improve literacy. For example, children are taught to learn a range of songs which have up to four words missing and they choose which words should fill the gaps to complete the songs.”

As part of the project, children and young people will also be encouraged to complete an arts award programme devised for primary school pupils where they will be encouraged to log the art they enjoy.