OWNERS of a garage in the centre of Dursley have been given the green light to demolish the building and construct a pair of two-bedroom flats.

A number of objections have been made by neighbours to the site on Prospect Place, off of May Lane, due to a lack of parking provision, including by Dursley Town Council.

However the application by planning agent Mark Snook Planning has been allowed, subject to conditions.

The single-storey building, named the Electric Garage, is in a conservation area and opposite listed buildings and was recommended for approval by Stroud District Council (SDC) officers.

Prospect Place resident Sarah Barker said she objected because the plans do not allow for any parking.

“In an ideal world this may be okay, however the reality is even a one-bed property needs two parking bays,” she said.

“People will still need vehicles to get to work - even if you expect them to shop locally. "Because the road narrows any parking will block access for emergency vehicles to Prospect Place, or they will park in Library Close which has already suffered as a result of poor planning decisions around parking requirements."

She also lamented the loss of the adjacent footpath during the construction and highlighted concerns about the new building’s windows opening up and obstructing pedestrians using the pathway.

Fellow Prospect Place resident, Kate Waller, said she would like to see the site developed and improved but objected to the application as well.

“My main objection is to the piecemeal development of what is already quite a small area which includes a derelict building,” she said.

“As its been reported that SDC has agreed to sell this derelict building opposite, possibly for housing development, it would seem like an ideal opportunity to create a more cohesive development.”

In December last year SDC resolved to sell the derelict buildings opposite at 11 and 11a May Lane to registered social housing providers or, if there was no interest, on the open market.

Dursley Town Council's objections included the lack of parking would encourage misuse of public car parks nearby and was also concerned the building would overlook other houses nearby and create a shadow.

At the development committee meeting on Tuesday, April 8 councillors initially voted against a motion by Cllr Dorcas Binns (Con, Minchinhampton) to refuse the application three to seven before permitting the plans with conditions on a vote of seven to three.

Conditions include submitting samples of the roofing, walling, and window materials to be used before construction takes place and windows have to open inwards on one side of the building.