POLICE investigating an attack by one dog on another have offered words of advice to the offending dog’s owner.

The Gazette reported the attack at the start of the month, when the owner of the offending dog was being sought.

The incident happened in Jubilee Gardens, on Jubilee Avenue in Cam on Tuesday April 1 at around 6.30pm.

The owner of the Spaniel was walking with her dog towards Jubilee playing fields when she stopped at a bin where two Weimaraners were standing with their owner.

The owner of the spaniel allowed the dog to interact with the Weimaraners, at which point one of the dogs attacked the spaniel, causing broken ribs and a wound to the abdomen and ear, which required medical treatment.

The owner of the offending dog has been offered words of advice on how to keep his dogs under proper control.

PC Kelly Akers said “Although on this occasion the owner of the ‘offending’ dog did appear to have kept his dog under reasonable control, it is worthwhile dog owners across the county remembering to keep their pets under proper control.

"As we get into the spring and summer months and the weather improves we know that owners will be out with their dogs.

"We by no means want to stop dog walkers from enjoying the beautiful countryside our county has to offer but we do want to remind them of their responsibility to keep their pet under control when walking in parks and on farm land where livestock may be grazing.”