A SCULPTURE and play trail in Dursley has been vandalised with many of the artistic creations ruined beyond repair.

The popular public trail in Twinberrow Woods has been home to an ever-changing variety of handmade projects from the community for everyone to enjoy since it started in 2008.

Local groups of all ages and abilities have created the individual works, some sponsored by local businesses and some working closely with professional sculptors helping to interpret creative ideas around the theme of healthy living.

But now the group that organises the trail, Vale Vision, faces a challenge to replenish the artful pieces after so many have been consigned to the rubbish tip after vandals left many beyond repair.

Colourful models, sculptures and musical instruments made by individuals aged from six to 90 have been destroyed and scattered around the woods by thugs.

A series of children’s tables and benches were smashed up, with the broken pieces of wood dispersed over quite a large area while Dursley Scouts’ musical seat had been pulled away from its fixings and broken into pieces.

None of these are believed to be repairable.

Model caterpillars and parrots were also severely damaged in the attack and these will not be able to be patched up either.

Vale Vision director Chris Cherry said a lot of work had to be thrown away.

“It is just so disappointing that so much work had been done by so many local community organisations for somebody to be so mindless and do so much pathetic damage,” he said.

“We will do what we can and get some new pieces in there, but it is so disappointing that their hard work has been undone.”