HIDDEN treasures were revealed in Wotton-under-Edge last month as part of a special exploration into the town’s heritage.

In a first for the town, the Wotton History Society and Heritage Centre put on a special exhibition containing items not normally on display.

Wotton’s Hidden Gems saw prize items coming out of the archive and into the Under the Edge Arts centre over the weekend of Saturday, April 19 and Sunday, April 20.

Volunteers dug out hundreds of unusual items to display – including the tapestry produced by Dursley Cross Stitch Group produced to commemorate the quincentenary of the birth of William Tyndale and a 17th-century oak coffer used to house the school records of Katherine Lady Berkeley’s School.

More far-flung items included a Japanese one rupee note autographed by ‘Forces’ Sweetheart’ Vera Lynn.

Organiser John White said: “Several hundred items were exhibited and enjoyed by over 200 visitors.

“Many of these visitors traveled from a great distance and many spent several hours poring over the albums, directories, maps and pictures presented.

“Some of the visitors related their own knowledge and oral histories; this resulted in some enlightening knowledge about the head butler at Ellerncroft House, the production of elastics at New Mills, manufacture of needles in Charfield as well as the early motor garages in Wotton.”

He added that it was the many directories, photo and postcard albums which commanded the most attention by the visitors exploring Wotton’s rich history.

The Heritage Centre is running a series of special exhibitions all year on the impact of the First World War on Wotton. For more information, visit www.wottonheritage.com or call 01453 521541.