A TOWN council has taken over responsibility for emptying dog bins after they were left brimming with excrement.

Sodbury Town Council has stepped in to sort out the mess after weeks of confused communication with South Gloucestershire Council over which authority was responsible for them.

Numerous photographs of several bins overflowing with bags of animal excrement have been posted on Facebook in the past week, enraging dozens of dog owners and parents who walk their children past the bins to school.

David Cooper, who pictured one of the bins in St John’s Park, said: “It is a health hazard, it stinks and the rats are starting to make a move on it.

“It has been like this for days now.”

South Gloucestershire Council last year asked all town and parish councils to consider taking over responsibility for services such as emptying bins, cutting grass verges and maintain hedgerows as it tries to make savings of £36million.

Those authorities which did not want to take over services themselves were offered the choice of paying South Gloucestershire Council to do it for them.

In Chipping Sodbury, the town council agreed to take over some services and is replacing the town’s nine dog bins with regular litter bins which can be used for both normal and dog waste. But it had expected the district authority, which owns the existing dog bins, to remove and empty them first.

Town council clerk Cate Davidson said: “We identified where they were going to take out the dog bins and leave absolutely nothing even though they are so well used. We decided to buy litter bins, which can be used for all waste, and install them in those locations.

“There have been some delivery issues and South Gloucestershire Council doesn’t have any litter bins in stock.”

She said due to complaints about the overflowing bins, the town council would arrange for the existing dog bins to be emptied as soon as possible.

“Due to the confusion Sodbury Town Council will now take over the emptying of the ones which remain in place,” added Ms Davidson.

“It is intended that they will be replaced with litter bins in the longer term. “From the fact they were so overflowing it is clear they are well used therefore Sodbury Town Council didn’t feel it was appropriate to remove them altogether.”

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: “As part of the changes introduced from 1 April, Sodbury Town Council requested that we remove 10 of the town’s dog waste bins. This work is now complete and we continued to empty each bin up to the point that it was taken out.

“The town council also opted to convert the town’s remaining dog bins to ‘dual use’ litter bins and has taken on responsibility for both carrying out this work and for ensuring that the bins are emptied on a regular basis.”