ONE of the leading causes of mental ill health around the world is to be the focus of a week-long series of events taking place this week in Gloucestershire.

Mental Health Awareness Week is held annually to raise awareness of mental health conditions, combat the stigma which still surrounds mental illness and highlight the sources of support available.

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2014 is ‘Anxiety’, so a number of events are being held in the county to highlight what 2gether does to help people suffering with anxiety, panic, phobias and related conditions.

Consultant clinical psychologist Alison Sedgwick-Taylor said anxiety is a very common condition but it can have a very deep impact on the lives of sufferers.

“Almost all of us get anxious about exams, job interviews, work situations, our financial position and major events such as getting married or moving house,” she said.

“But sometimes, we get anxious without any obvious or external cause and it continues over many weeks, making it feel like you are losing control. When this happens it is important to seek help and talking treatments really work.”

A stand in Sainsbury’s supermarket at Dudbridge in Stroud, from 11am until 2pm on Friday May 16, highlighting the support 2gether provides for anxiety.

For more information, visit or ring 0800 073 2200.