IT’S time to decide. We don’t need to wait until 2017 to have a referendum: let’s have one right now.

Use the European Elections on Thursday, May 22 to tell them what you think about the EU.

It’s time for the truth.

A lot of lies have been told about the EU.

We’re frequently told that we’ll lose three million jobs if we leave – a shameless lie.

No sensible commentator has ever predicted this, because the EU countries have far more to lose by interfering with our trade with them, than we do.

We’re more likely to gain jobs.

A few big businessmen are regularly wheeled out to say they want to stay in.

But when the EU is geared to help big businesses and prevent small ones from challenging them, that’s not surprising.

It’s our 4.8 million smaller businesses that suffer from the burden of EU laws and regulations.

They say our car industries will suffer if we leave: yet the EU sells us more cars than we do them – by up to 800,000 a year.

They won’t put that at risk by hampering our manufacturers.

They say the EU is the future, and that we couldn’t survive outside it but we’re the world’s sixth largest economy.

And while the European Union’s share of world trade is shrinking, our prospects are very good indeed.

What UKIP will do for you: With your help, we’ll continue to work for the UK’s withdrawal from the big political project that is the EU .

The project, as a long-serving commissioner said recently, to create a United States of Europe.

With your help, we’ll succeed.

In the meantime, your UKIP MEPs will continue to go to Brussels and Strasbourg with a mission unlike that of any other party.

We don’t go there to make the EU better, more powerful and help it pass more laws.

We go there to find out what it’s up to and let you know.

Some of us spend a good deal of time there, unfortunately, making sure we know what they’re cooking up, creating an ‘Opposition’ and voting against the EU’s encroachment on our democracy.

Others spend more time back here, spreading the word and campaigning to get us out.

All UKIP MEPs, though, have one over-riding goal: to make ourselves redundant, by getting Britain out, and returning to the UK the power to govern ourselves.

We want our country back.

Don’t you?

UKIP candidates

  • William Dartmouth
  • Julia Reid
  • Gawain Towler
  • Tony McIntyre
  • Robert Smith
  • Keith Crawford