A DRUNK man found himself in a peculiar situation when he needed to be rescued from a bench in the centre of Dursley one afternoon last week.

The inebriated 40-year-old somehow got his leg trapped in the furniture on Friday on Castle Street, outside Sainsbury’s supermarket.

An ambulance was called at 4.21pm to the bizarre incident and tried to help the intoxicated man, but needed to call the Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) to help free him from his uncomfortable position.

A GFRS spokeswoman said a crew was sent to deal with the incident, which took about 20 minutes.

“When we got there we unbolted the bench and freed him and then put it back together again,” she said.

He was then taken by ambulance to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital with minor injuries.

Helen Bojaniwska, clerk for Dursley Town Council which owns the bench, said they believed it was a “one off” incident, adding that it was not a problem with the town’s benches.