A WOMAN was rescued from a smoke-filled property in Yate last night.

Firefighters wearing specialist breathing apparatus entered the house, in Treeleaze, at 8.32pm last night (June 3) where a kettle had been left on an electric hob.

The woman, in her forties, was conscious and breathing and was helped outside of the house by fire crews and was given First Aid by firefighters and then checked over by paramedics for possible smoke inhalation.

James Bladon, spokesman for Avon Fire and Rescue Service, said: “A kettle had been left on an electric hob causing the plastic to melt and causing a significant amount of smoke although there was no fire.

“Two crews from Yate Fire Station were able to deal with the smoke. They had been alerted by an automatic alarm, the speed of which meant they were able to prevent a much more serious incident from occurring.”