TALENTED photographers are being sought from the area to contribute to next year’s Dursley Town Trust calendar.

The search is on to find the 12 best photos that illustrate the area we live in.

The trust’s chairman, Mike Doughty, said they had just started searching.

“We had some excellent photos sent to us for last year’s calendar - and we want to make the next one just as good,” he said.

“We need photos showing different parts of Dursley and Cam and the surrounding area in different seasons.

“Finding a photo of a local scene with a Christmas theme for the December page can be a particular challenge, for example, so we’re hoping residents can help us out.”

The trust is happy to look at photos from individuals or from local organisations which might have photos showing their activities being carried out locally.

The only condition is that the photo must be clearly recognisable as somewhere in Dursley, Cam or the surrounding villages and countryside.

The trust cannot guarantee to use every photo it receives, as only 13 or 14 photos are needed.

The front cover of the calendar traditionally shows a view of the Town Hall, market place or Jacob’s House as the Town Trust is responsible for maintaining all three.

Money raised from calendar sales will go towards a lift for the town hall, which will mean more people can use the first floor hall, bringing in more income to maintain the building.

“We’ve launched a programme of fundraising for the cost of the project - we need to raise £150,000 so it’s a big undertaking, and the calendar sales are very important to the trust,” added Mike.

You can send your photos to Hilary Fowles at by June 30.