THORNBURY’S residents have been praised for their support of the many charity shops in the region.

Thornbury and Yate MP Steve Webb visited the town’s British Heart Foundation shop, where he met staff and volunteers and saw behind the scenes how donations from the public are sorted and priced.

The BHF shop alone raises around £90,000 a year towards research into heart conditions and has more than 30 volunteers.

On the day of Mr Webb’s visit, these included a local teenager as well as a number of retired people.

Mr Webb said:"I am always struck when I am invited to visit a charity shop by how

professionally they are run.

“These shops depend on people giving their time to help out behind the scenes, on donations of items to sell and on the public who spend their money in the stores.

“I am grateful to everyone who does their bit to helpraise large amounts for good causes."

Manager of the Thornbury shopTeresa Dovey said: "Having lived in Thornbury for many years, I very much enjoy being able to run a local shop which does such a lot to help fund vital research.

“I am grateful to all the volunteers who give their time and expertise so unselfishly, as well as to everyone who brings in items to sell and everyone who comes in to the shop.

“All of this voluntary effort makes a big difference".