EARTHING the electricity in your body could have profound health benefits, according to a South Gloucestershire family.

Holistic champions Rob and Elspeth Taylor believe the little known science of earthing, or grounding, is the secret to good health which can improve everything from insomnia through to morning sickness and stress.

The husband and wife team run Earthing Therapy alongside the family livestock farm in Littleton on Severn.

Earthing follows the principle that our bodies and cells contain electrical energy and the rising levels of electricity surrounding us in our technological world are causing high amounts of induced voltage to build up in our bodies – with associated adverse health effects.

Just as electrical outlets are earthed to avoid the build up of charge, so earthing theorists believe we should ground our bodies to the Earth.

The simplest way to do this is to walk barefoot on the ground – grass or earth not pavements – but pads and sheets have been developed to allow you to earth yourself while indoors or sleeping.

Earthing sheets plug into the grounding port in domestic electrical sockets, grounding the human body in the same way it would ground a toaster.

Small strands of silver are woven into the sheets to conduct electrical current from the body.

Of his holistic approach, Mr Taylor, 52, said: “Western medicine has simply got it wrong. We should be looking to Chinese medicine to back it up.

“Our physical health is linked to our spiritual health.”

The couple's attitude is that humans are as electrical in nature as chemical, and both aspects should be approached in healthcare.

Mrs Taylor, 46, has overcome morning sickness and heartburn during her current pregnancy, which she attributes to sleeping on an earthing sheet.

The couple are looking for people to trial their earthing technology and can be contacted on 07980 120 209 or