DRIVERS have been warned of delays leading to the Second Severn Crossing as two lanes of the bridge will be closed over a weekend to allow maintenance work to be carried out.

The Highways Agency said essential waterproofing and resurfacing required the lanes on the westbound carriageway to be closed from 10pm on Friday, June 27, until 10am on Sunday, June 29.

That will leave just one lane open for M4 traffic travelling from England into Wales.

Chris Pope, the Highways Agency project sponsor, said: “The Second Severn Crossing is a vital transport link between England and Wales and this work will help keep it operating safely for many years to come.

“We have planned the work carefully to cause the least possible disruption to road users and will also be taking the opportunity during the closures to carry out other work, such as gulley clearing, white lining and lighting maintenance to reduce the need for traffic management in the future.

“The work is being carried out when traffic flows are lowest but road users are advised to plan ahead and allow longer for their journeys.”

The agency said if there were delays as a result, signs would be used to advise drivers to use the M48 Severn Bridge instead.