PUPILS at Badminton Junior School turned detective when a "dead body" was discovered in their playground.

The year six girls became crime scene investigators for the whodunnit challenge to try and find out the cause of death and establish the identity of the "murderer".

They looked for clues and used fingerprints, footprint analysis, DNA extraction, code breaking and other skills to examine and analyse the evidence, including translating statements written in Spanish.

Intense debate among the youngsters also led to some "suspects" being recalled to give evidence.

The pupils were helped in the exercise by year ten students, with updates given to the rest of the school as the investigation continued.

Senior school headmistress, Rebecca Tear, said: "Giving the girls an opportunity to partake in hands-on opportunities such as this CSI day is hugely beneficial to their holistic learning experience - they certainly valued their scientific and language skills - as well as their team work and logic."