CHILDREN at a Cam primary school have been giving lessons on road safety with the local community policing team to their parents.

Donning their high visibility jackets, Cam Everlands pupils were treated to a visit from PC Gemma Carmen and PCSOs Michelle Dodd, Mark Lifton and Ollie Clark in their large 4x4 vehicle and were recruited into enforcing the message about being safe near roads.

After having a discussion about stranger danger and the use of mobile phones while walking alongside pavements, the students accompanied the officers outside the school to speak with parents.

The children handed out postcards they had made to thank parents who had parked and driven near the school safely.

PC Carmen told the Gazette they received a lot of complaints about parking on pavements, blocking pedestrians or driveways.

“This school isn’t as bad as others we have had,” she said.

“But we’re getting the kids involved so the parents hopefully get the message and and it’s a bit of fund for them as well.”

Headteacher Craig Jones said he was pleased to strengthen partnerships with groups on the school’s doorstep for the benefit of the children.

“I was delighted when the police approached us and were wiling to support us in reinforcing the importance of road safety,” he said.

“Today is as much about our children working with the police as it is for our children sharing an important message to parents as well as lessons in class, about how children act responsibly by the road, we felt it was important to share these messages again with parents.”

PC Gemma Carmen and PSCI Michelle Dodd are set to return to support year five and six pupils with a life skills discussion around social responsibility, both online and offline.