WHY build such a large, unattractive solar farm on a beauty spot?

Renewable energies should be encouraged and there should be far more of them going up, along with other sources of green energy.

But right alongside the AONB and directly in front of famous view points on Stinchcombe Hill seems to be ignorant of the residents that live nearby.

Could it not be put somewhere more remote, far away from views and surroundings that have become famous?

The simple reason they have not done this it seems is, of course, about money.

The developers have admitted that the local electricity grid can fit the capacity, meaning they will not have to pay to expand it.

In addition it is apparently easy to connect the farm to the existing grid, again a savings the developers are keen to use.

But that does seem to have little thought for the locals, as efficiency and cost for London based company is not their highest concerns, it is the loss of their beautiful landscape.

Maybe it is as North Nibly resident Sue Devine put it, that it is profits for people far away.

One of the main assets, if not the biggest asset, for the South of Gloucestershire is its beautiful countryside and rolling hills.

It brings tourism in many forms and thus revenue but this development would almost certainly put that in jeopardy.

We need green energy and more should be built but developers, who will make a fortune in this venture, should pay to put it somewhere appropriate and stop cutting corners.