A GROUP of hardworking children have earned themselves some prizes and a day at a soft play area after pushing the most weights and running the most miles in Dursley’s own child-friendly gym.

Nine-year-old Alistair Smith from Coaley was one of the 50 children who won the most incentive points during the Spring Term at the Shokk Gym in Dursley and their hard work was rewarded with an invitation to a party at Cattle Country in Berkeley.

The Shokk Gym is Stroud District Council’s own exercise centre for under 16s and has been enticing youths to take part with the points-based incentives.

The facilities at Dursley Swimming Pool in Castle Street are specifically designed for young people and, to earn a place on the leaderboard, the children had to take on various machines, including the treadmill, exercise bikes, weight machines, on a regular basis.

Each person gains more points for every time they visit the gym and do a set of exercises.

Other prizes have included a free towel, swimming pass for them and a friend and inflatables.

Helen Andrewartha, who is in charge of fitness and programming at the gym, said they had expanded the points-based challenge to ensure a group of individuals won, instead of a single person like in last year’s competition.

“It has encouraged more people to participate because more people could gain the points needed, including those who started halfway through the term,” she said.

If you are between the age of six and 16 and are interested in coming to the Shokk Gym, you can call Dursley Swimming Pool on 01453 546441.