OLVESTON artist Angus Macaskill helped keep the crowds at Thornbury carnival entertained in his role as artist-in-residence.

He spent the day creating pictures and chatting to carnival-goers, many of them wanting to know if he had permission to paint his now familiar news-related images on the gates of his village home.

Angus said: "I was able to explain that many months ago, the council had been able to suggest some very practical guidelines - so I can stay legal and keep the local community entertained from time to time with more pictures on my gates.

"The carnival was a brilliant day. Setting up in the early morning rain was a bit miserable but by the time the Hurricane and Spitfire were performing overhead, I had to send out an SOS for some suntan lotion."

On Sunday Angus was back at home painting a new piece to mark Novak Djokovic's success at Wimbledon.

He said: "It was painted on Sunday evening as if he's celebrating his Wimbledon Cup in the Thornbury High Street.

"I did some finishing touches on Monday morning and my wife, Fiona, help me put it straight on the gates with some of the oil paint still a little wet."