YET another solar farm is planned for the area, will the public go for this one?

It is much bigger than the one the Gazette reported on last week just outside North Nibley.

In fact it is almost double the size at 97.5acres and will again be in a well trodden spot alongside the busy A38 in Cambridge.

Developers are attempting to assure residents that it will be well screened from the public by already existing hedgerows, but not all are convinced.

Some have shown their frustrations at Government policies that encourage a large swathe of developments in one go, making it harder to adjust to and harder to accept for people living in those areas.

Discounts for solar panels will soon run out, hence an influx of applications, which mirrors the large number of housing applications attempting to go in before Stroud District Council completes its local plan and thereby making sure a tougher set of guidelines are followed.

It does show how national policies and legislation trickles down and the big impact it can have on people’s lives.

If current proposals go through for the Stroud district, hundreds of thousands of solar panels will be built and thousands more homes as well.

All thanks to Central Government decisions, rather than the local authority.

It is worth remembering with a general election around the corner, as it raises the question of why these policies have been created.

Are they of benefit to the local area? Or do they simply tick boxes and provide good statistics for Downing Street?