A TEACHER is saying au revoir to her students and colleagues as she decides to retire after 37 years at Rednock School.

Marion Miller has taught French and Spanish to several generations from the Dursley area over four decades but has decided the time is right to leave.

Originally from Chester, the 60-year-old learnt her trade in Bristol before moving to Everlands in Cam 29 years ago.

The mother of Jack, 23, who was also taught languages by her at the school, and wife to Len, 60, said she had enjoyed her time at the school, especially the school trips with the students.

“It’s a mixture of emotions leaving really, I am sad to say goodbye to so many nice students and friendly colleagues but looking forward to looking after my garden,” she said.

“I have enjoyed being with the students the most as they are so nice and so fun and I have enjoyed helping them and watching them grow.”

Mrs Miller said she had noticed the true longevity of her stay at the school when she was recognised by a former pupil who said her granddaughter now attended Rednock.

After a holiday to Canada and Alaska, she is looking forward to spending more time in the garden and her new greenhouse.

Headteacher David Alexander said the students loved Mrs Miller and he praised her achievements and for staying at the top of her game despite constant changes to the profession over 37 years.

“We had a send off on Thursday (July, 17) and I was able to say that I don’t know anyone that have been in a profession for 37 years which has seen so much change and still be consistently good over that time,” he said.

“Marion has kept up with the technology changes all this time, she was the queen of the cassette and now she is the queen of the internet.”