A DISTURBANCE in Dursley saw two apparently drunk people given their marching orders after shouting and swearing at passersby in the town centre this morning.

Two police cars and a police van were sent to Long Street at around 10.50am after a nearby resident reported a man and woman causing a scene in the town centre, with concerns for nearby children.

Three policemen and one PCSO attended the incident and the pair were given a section 27 notice for disorderly conduct connected to drinking, meaning they must leave the area and not return within 24 hours otherwise they could be arrested.

In response to a bystander’s comment that the police presence was “overkill”, Gloucestershire Police spokesman Christopher Jackson said the public would expect them to anti-social behaviour incidents seriously, especially when there are concerns for nearby children.

“Residents and visitors to the town shouldn’t have to put up with loutish, intimidating behaviour and we’re especially aware of this during summer holidays when more families are out and about,” he said.