STAFF at a Gloucestershire homecare company have been flooded with water bottles to help them and their vulnerable clients keep hydrated in the warm weather.

Stroud-based DoCare, which has teams in Dursley and Yate, has invested in hundreds of branded water bottles for the people under its roof.

With the warm weather, having water bottles means busy staff can remain hydrated while they’re on the go and for clients who are less mobile, they’ll have a water bottle to hand.

In addition the business, which provides domiciliary care services and home support, has provided staff with new, lightweight summer uniforms to help them keep cool.

General manager Sue Mothershaw said: “Remaining hydrated is important for everybody, so for our staff the water bottles will be particularly useful when they are out on visits.

“Elderly people are especially vulnerable to dehydration, because with age the amount of body water decreases, and at the same time older people have a diminished thirst sensation, so we are giving the bottles to our more vulnerable clients who might find fetching a drink difficult, and also to any others who would like one.”

DoCare support staff are actively taking steps during their visits to help ensure clients don’t fall victim to dehydration.

These include offering drinks, making sure a drink is within easy reach and encouraging clients to take fluids with medication.

This year, DoCare is celebrating ten years in business covering 1,000 square miles in Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire West Oxfordshire and Bristol.