DURSLEY is looking great at the moment. Don’t you agree?

Thanks to the sterling efforts of the Dursley In Bloom team in recent weeks the town has rarely looked better, with beautiful and colourful flowers dotted around the landscape and not a spot of litter to be seen.

The sparkling town’s notable buildings have been cleaned and painted and this has given the whole area a fresh look, something that will surely have impressed the judges that visited on Wednesday last week.

Of course it helps when we have enjoyed some fine weather, something always thought to be in short supply in England.

Dursley has fallen just short of the required points needed for a gold award the last two years but they should have done enough this time around because the town really is blooming, in more ways than one.

A string of new stores have opened along the town’s high street, including Clifton Cameras and the Bank Cafe, which have given it a modern, fresh look.

Both have received great feedback from visitors to Long Street, with the cafe more often full than not.

Sometimes Dursley is thought to be a sleepy town but this is an outdated stereotype as it is often humming with activity as visitors and traders go about their day.

New businesses are springing up, the town continues to see massive investment and facilities are always expanding, including Dursley Swimming Pool.

There is a bright future for Dursley and people should get behind any efforts to improve it such as the Dursley In Bloom team because they believe we should be proud of where we live and rightly so.