TRADERS in Dursley are looking at the idea of reducing the speed limit through the town centre as well as clamp down on illegal parking.

After a meeting of businessmen and women from the town raised concerns about the danger of vehicles driving through the part-pedestrianised high street, they are to consider applying for there to be a 20mph limit on Parsonage Street.

Member of Dursley Traders Forum and owner of Inspirational World on Parsonage Street, Michael Chaplin, said there was a strong feeling in the group for the change.

“Some people think it is quite dangerous at times,” he said.

“Traders have noticed a lot of driving down this street. At our next meeting we are going to discuss some sort of action plan or petition to get it together.

He added there were complaints about the number of cars parking on the street, which has restrictions in place only allowing vehicles to unload stock for the shops.

“It can get quite congested down here at times,” he said.

“I think the concern is with the kids, because they tend to just run about a bit and something might happen.”

Mandy Woodward, who owns Wildwood Flowers, said that she had been told by Gloucestershire Police that unless somebody gets hurt then nothing will get done.

“Something needs to be done about these cars. Some speed, some go the wrong way up the road and others are parking on it,” she said.

“My main concern is that somebody will get hurt. If a child runs out of a shop and there is a transit van coming they won’t see them.”

She suggested automatic electric bollards which only allow certain vehicles through but added it may prove too expensive.

Dursley Town Council clerk Helen Bojaniwska said Gloucestershire Highways would have to visit the site and see if they thought it would be suitable, before starting a consultation process.

“It would be unusual for it to be used for a small section of road,” she said.

“It is an interesting issue. I think there are different ways of looking at Parsonage Street and there maybe more than one solution to this.”

The Neighbourhood Plan for Dursley is currently being drawn up, which will give a framework for the town’s needs and wants when future planning developments are considered and Mrs Bojaniwska said it could be used to good affect for this street.

Those that wish to do auditing of accessibility issues on the street, or others, which will be used as part of the formulation of the plan, can contact the town council for the necessary information.