HOMEOWNERS on the east side of the the River Severn have been left frustrated after years of being sent the wrong phone book by BT - despite repeatedly telling the telecomms company they do not live in the Forest of Dean (FoD).

Every year BT Exchanges sends the residents of Slimbridge and Cambridge the large directory but is more often than not doomed for the rubbish bin as it only gives numbers for the other side of the biggest river in the UK.

Often numbering over 540 pages, the book is also full of paid for advertisements but businesses will be wasting their money as many of the intended recipients live an hour away or more.

It appears the phone book is delivered according to the area's postcode and unfortunately for homeowners in Slimbridge and the surrounding area, they have been grouped with the FoD.

BT will deliver the Gloucestershire South book free of charge to those who request it but there appears no changes are to be made to deliveries in the future.

In response to one resident’s complaints, a BT customer service assistant said: “At the moment I am unaware of any plans to change the entitlement for your area therefore your automatic free entitlement remains as Gloucester and FoD.

“If you would prefer to not receive this book, please let me know and I shall arrange to opt you out of delivery.

“This will not be replaced by the Gloucestershire South book, which would only be sent when requested.”

One Cambridge resident left stunned by BT’s response and apparent inability to change the book delivered to the area is Tony Cope from Ryalls Lane.

“In the FoD book we can't even get numbers for Cam, our immediate neighbours, and certainly not Dursley,” he said.

“This has been going on since BT took over the phone network from The Post Office.

“You can see from BT's letter the contempt they have for us, it's like ‘we know what you're asking for is right, but we have no intention of changing what we send you’."

Slimbridge Parish Council have now sent out a petition for people to sign to try and alter the situation which has existed for numerous years.

A BT spokesman said they would take a careful look at the matter and would like to work with the council to agree the best possible solution.

“We’re happy that the phone book is still considered an important product for the residents of Slimbridge and we take such feedback seriously,” he said.