AN ELDERLY woman has been left to foot a large vet bill after her cat was apparently to have been attacked by a dog last week.

Marjorie Lofty, of Hamble Close in Thornbury, will have to fork out around £400 after her cat Blackie was believed to have been attacked by a dog early in the morning.

Mrs Lofty, 83, was in bed at the time she believed the attack happened, on a Monday or Tuesday morning over a fortnight ago.

“It was about seven in the morning and Blackie was waiting outside the door to be let in and I heard someone walking their dog say ‘come away from that cat.

“I should have gone down and checked on him but I’m not the quickest at my age and by the time I would have made it downstairs they would have been gone.”

A vet came to look at Blackie and helped to treat the cat’s leg which had been injured but now Mrs Lofty has been hit with a bill which is costing Mrs Lofty around £400 in total.

Mrs Lofty said that she had never had any trouble with neighbouring dogs in the past and so it was a massive shock to her when she found her cat in such a state.

She added: “When I let him in he was in a state, the vet came over and he had to stay with them for a few days because he kept scratching at the bandage around his leg.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this happening round here so I wanted to make people aware. He’s better now but he’s still limping from where he was injured on his leg.”

Mrs Lofty had not contacted the police to raise the issue of the attack on her cat