A FORMER Romanian policeman who assaulted his wife and son at their Dursley home has been jailed for eight weeks - but will be freed almost immediately.

Cancer victim NarcisLoo, 44, who speaks little English, got drunk and threatened to kill his wife, Veronica, before kicking both her and their 20-year-old son Paul.

He grabbed a knife from a kitchen drawer and threatened to stab his wife with it.

As a result of the attack, care worker Mrs Loo, who had been beaten by her husband in their home country, wants no more to do with him, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

Mrs Loo, of Tennyson road, Dursley, who has been in the UK working to pay off debts incurred for her husband's medical treatment in Romania, said she still loves him but is fearful of remaining with him.

She is prepared to pay for him to go back to Romania, she said - but the court was told he does not want to leave the UK and has been offered a home and work by fellow countrymen in Bristol.

Loo, who has been in the UK for only a couple of months, admitted charges of making a threat to kill and two of assault by beating on Thursday, July 17.

After hearing that he has been in custody for 27 days since his arrest Judge Jamie Tabor QC passed a 54 day sentence.

He said this would enable Loo to be released on parole either today or tomorrow.

The judge also made a seven-year restraining order banning Loo from seeing or contacting his wife except a maximum of once a week by phone.

Mrs Loo had told the court that her husband was a policeman in Romania for 19 years and had a good well paid position.

It was the culture in Romania for men to beat their wives and it had happened to her - but she did not hold that against him, she said.

When he became ill with cancer she moved to the UK with their son to get work which would pay for the medical treatment, she said.

She sold her assets there and settled in this country and her husband joined her 2-3 months ago.

She had come to love and respect the UK and wanted to continue living here, she said.

Prosecutor Janine Wood said that on July 17 Loo was at home with their son and drank half a bottle of whisky while his wife was at work.

He became angry and threw a laptop computer across the room, said Ms Wood. The son then rang his mother and she heard over the phone that Loo was making threats to kill her.

When she got home Loo kicked her and their son and police were called and arrested him.

Sabhia Pathan, defending, said Ioo had resigned his post in the Romanian police force as a result of his wife and son settling in the UK and he came here to join them and re-establish the family.

Until then he had been the main breadwinner but he had not found work in this country.

He still had a mortgaged house in Romania but was in arrears and if he went back he would not be able to find work or afford a home, she said.

Passing sentence on Loo, Judge Tabor said "Your wife plainly still retains a great deal of affection for you.

"She has told this court that when in Romania you beat her regularly. “Interestingly, she made no complaint about that for she says that it is part of Romanian culture. It is not part of British culture.

"When men beat women they are regarded as cowardly criminals.

"What she drew the line at however was when you threatened to kill her. That is what has brought you to this court today.

"You are a man without convictions who has been very unwell and you were in a foreign country. I take all that into account.

"The fact is that however fond of you she is, she has had enough of you. My principal task today is to protect her from any further violence.

"Do not hit any more women or young people and in no circumstances ever pick up a knife again."