Homeowners in South Gloucestershire are being advised to be aware about a group of door-to-door cleaning products sales people operating in the area.

There have been reports about people calling uninvited at homes in towns and villages since the beginning of July.

The group is believed to be based at an address in Bath, and places they have called at include Almondsbury, Old Sodbury and Chipping Sodbury.

Bath Sergeant Tony O’Brien said: “It is an offence to go knocking door-to-door trying to sell items if you have not been granted a Pedlars’ Certificate from the police.

“Even with a certificate it is not a practice that we encourage as elderly and vulnerable people can be intimidated by unwanted callers. We also believe that crime tends to rise in areas where these sales teams have been working.

“Our advice to people is to call us on 101 and to be very wary of anyone calling uninvited at your home and trying to sell you something. Always ask to check their official identity card, and only let them in if you are absolutely sure they are genuine. If in doubt – keep them out.”

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