THE ELECTORATE are being urged to check they are registered to vote in the run up to the general election as Stroud district moves to an electronic system.

Every Stroud district resident over the age of 16 on the current electoral roll will receive a letter from the Electoral Registration Officer in the next couple of weeks informing them of the change to the electoral registration system.

The move is from the old ‘head of household’ registration system to a new system of personal registration called ‘Individual Electoral Registration’.

Most residents will automatically move onto the new electoral register. However, some will need to take action to join or remain on it, which can now be done for the first time by registering quickly and easily online.

Out of 92,278 individuals, 82,784 have been automatically transferred over to the new system; meaning 9,494 are not and are advised to provide extra information in order to register.

Residents are asked to carefully read the letter they receive as it will advise if they have been automatically transferred to the new register or not.

Anyone receiving a letter advising that they were not transferred can either visit to register online, or return their completed form by post.

For more information visit