KEEPING motorcyclists safe on county roads is to form a large part of The Invisibles campaign, launched earlier this month.

The Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership is calling for drivers to take time at junctions to look out for motorcyclists and for riders to take the necessary safety steps to make themselves seen.

With more than a third of all motorcycle crashes in Gloucestershire being a result of road users failing to look and 78 per cent of motorcycle collisions happening at junctions, this campaign encourages road users to look right and left at least twice when driving, to double the chance of seeing motorcyclists.

The advice to motorcyclists includes details about road positioning, looking out for potential hazards and taking weather conditions into account.

Cabinet member for road safety, Will Windsor-Clive said: “This is an important campaign which we hope will increase the awareness levels of all road users and cut the number of casualties on Gloucestershire’s roads in which someone failed to look.

“Figures show that collisions are most likely to occur at urban road junctions during peak commuter hours, so it’s important that everyone remembers to look twice at all times and especially when travelling to and from work.”

The campaign includes a media campaign incorporating print, radio and social media, billboard advertising and an education programme being delivered into local businesses.

The Invisibles campaign runs until early September and advice to motorcyclists is available by visiting